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Previous Shows

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Black Cat Theater, Inc.

South Hadley, Massachusetts



Little Mermaid, Jr


Nunsense II: The Second Coming 

Black Cat Theater presents Nunsense 2: The Second Coming 11/19/17 from SHCTV15 on Vimeo.



Oliver 11-18-16 from SHCTV15 on Vimeo.


Disco Inferno 

Disco Inferno 4/15/16 from SHCTV15 on Vimeo.


A Little Quickie

Black Cat Theater presents A Little Quickie 6/5/15 from SHCTV15 on Vimeo.


High School Musical

Black Cat Theater presents High School Musical 4/10/15 from SHCTV15 on Vimeo.


Bye Bye Birdie

Black Cat Theater presents Bye Bye Birdie 11/20/14 from SHCTV15 on Vimeo.


The Music Man

Black Cat Theater presents Music Man 11/9/13 from SHCTV15 on Vimeo.


Playing Doctor

Black Cat Theater presents Playing Doctor from SHCTV15 on Vimeo.


Cast Party

Black Cat Theater presents Cast Party on 11/11/11 from SHCTV15 on Vimeo.


Murder Can Be Habit Forming

Black Cat Theater presents "Murder Can Be Habit Forming" from SHCTV15 on Vimeo.

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